Helping a friend out

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10 $ lineworks digital – iron artist style- here’s why

By Foxene,

I will be doing 10 $ line work sketches like ill be able to send you the photoshop or sai file on request. To make it so I don’t get behind again I’ll be streaming all the digital pics I do so the progress can be seen for y’all. The reasoning being I just had to drop 1200 $ on my car and really needing the help. I know probably a ton of you are skeptical because I had to recently refund a lot of my commissions. But I won’t be doing large pieces again for a long while and with the streaming I will be able to show the work and give y’all a bit of how I do it if anyone wants to know! But you can post here if interested and…

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She drags me down screaming…

My Ex-Wife is a nut job. I have finally totally and fully accepted that. She will always be off her rocker. This should not matter to me…except for the fact that I had kids with her, and because of that, I am stuck communicating with her until my youngest is 18. I have six more years. I don’t know if I can make it.

I never imagined that I could feel such disdain for someone I once called my best friend. Someone I once loved.

But I do.

I am DONE. I will no longer make any effort to share any part of the kid’s lives with her. Whatever involvement or lack thereof she chooses will be up to her.

I will remain vigilant and look out for the wellbeing of my children.

I will protect them…even from her, should it become necessary.

I am scared for them. If she can’t manage to keep them fed for a weekend, how will she fair now that she has them for a week at a time? (Our summer schedule)

If she has trouble functioning…and doesn’t leave the house…what then for my kids? My youngest will be there alone for five days this coming week. My eldest will be off at JROTC camp. My youngest already has socialization issues. I had only recently gotten him to interact with some friends again. He has no friends at her place.

When I picked the boys up the last time the first thing out of their mouths was: “Feed us!”

It was past 1 in the afternoon and neither of them had eaten. When I fed them they acted like they were starving. They each ate several pieces of chicken, devoured a box of crackers, ate a large carton of strawberries, downed a gallon of milk, etc.

But what really gets me is when her crazy comes out to play. The kid’s therapist will tell me that he’s gotten an email from her….

And she makes another crazy attempt to turn something good into something bad.

The therapist thinks she needs help. Outside of when she sits in on the boys visits I don’t know if she’s getting any. I sincerely hope so. For their sake.

My life has been so much better since the divorce. I should have gotten out sooner. I should have seen the crazy. When she cut herself it was already too late.

She can take her fat polyamorous ass back to whatever hell she came from. The sooner the better.


When You Remove a Negative

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One of the more difficult concepts for middle school students to master is integers. Specifically, adding and subtracting integers. Even when the concept is introduced with concrete and tangible examples, the students still struggle with the often counterintuitive nature of negative numbers.

You see, in elementary school, they are taught that addition always results in more and subtraction, less. But once those numbers become negative, the results are often reversed.

One of the ways I help them remember the rules for adding and subtracting integers in by relating it to relationships:

When a good person comes into your life, it improves the value.

When a good person leaves your life, it reduces the value.

When a bad person comes into your life, it reduces the value.

And the one they have the hardest time understanding…

When a bad person leaves your life, it increases the value.


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Think before you hit the divorce court!

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It has been well documented that since the mid eighties, 50 % of all marriages result in divorce. Interestingly, it is the seventh year of marriage which presents itself as the most popular time to bid goodbye. The latter statistic most likely gave rise to the cliché we all know these days as the seven-year itch.   There are no such statistics available for couples who are not married but one can imagine similar figures. After hearing statistics of this caliber, one cannot help but wonder, what does keep a couple together? What commonalities do successful relationships share? Research has proven that certain qualities will produce success, these include: High income level, compatibility,  superior communication and conflict resolution skills . Evidence of the most common contributing factors to divorce and break-up include: Marrying at a young age, poverty, and a low education level . These rather obvious factors hide a simple…

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Not Sure…

I’m not sure what I’m posting here.  I’m not sure exactly what I’m thinking except that I’m probably overthinking things.  I’m not having the conversations that I should be.  I’m not questioning things I want to question…is it that I don’t want to know the answers or that I already know the answers and just don’ t want to have to make a decision with that information? I’m feeling pathetic because I don’t feel like I get enough time with the woman I love.  I worry that I’m too selfish in this, this wanting of more and that maybe I could be that person who demands too much.  Not that I am….but that if I were granted more time it would just cause me to want even more.  I’d become possessive and want too much.  I’d be overbearing.  I don’t know.  But I feel like I spend too much of my time alone and wanting to be with her and not having enough time to be with her.  It’s always limited, there’s always another event or other plans that limit what I want.  If it’s not her schedule that interferes its her social life.  Maybe I’m too much of a hermit or too limited in my own social life.  I don’t make a huge ton of effort to go out with others…but mostly that’s due to who I am and what I have to do.  If I spent so much time away from the house I’d never get anything done.  I’d never have time for my kids or make enough time to manage everything.  But I guess this is really on me.  I feel left out a lot, but then I look at it and think that maybe I was just used to having too much involvement.   Being married is very different from just being involved with someone.  It’s not like we’re living together or sharing a life together.  I think that it’s just an aspect that I am not used to….and I guess more than anything I miss having someone in my bed every night or knowing that no matter what the day held…at the end of the night that’s where they’d be.  I’d have them in my arms…I’d be able to go to sleep.  

One of the most frustrating things are our weeknights.  I love seeing her but it’s always for such a short limited period of time.  Sometimes we fall asleep together and then around 12:30 am I have to get up and go home.  This ends up waking me up and may be some of my problem….my sleep schedule feels disrupted.  I just want to go to bed and wake up next to the woman I love.  Ugh.  This sounds like a whiny complaining rant…but hey, it’s written.  It’s done.  I’ve whined.  Now I guess it’s time for some Game of Thrones….or god forbid….sleep.